Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Splendid Update

So much for posting on Mondays! Block #7 by Amy Sinibaldi was totally worth the slow down though. I didn't realize how much I missed embroidery, so this was a lot of fun to do and hard to put down since Sunday. :)

My something new for this block was to try out a proper satin stitch to fill in the quilt. I had done it in the past, but I didn't know that you have to wrap it around the fabric basically so I was coming up on the opposite side each time... making a super unstable back! Anywho, I am super proud of it now and it has become my favourite block! <3 p="">
I made the child look like my baby Olivia, my old stuffed bunny and a teddy my dad used to have. <3 p="">
Here's my update of all 7! This is really coming together. :D I think I need to work in some more of the dark brown and red, but I do also need to get more FQs. That is for my splurge in Kamloops at Katja's Quilt Shop! Soooo excited for that, and she's a Splendid designer to boot! :D