Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WIP Wednesday

My mother-in-law and I are doing the APQ UFO challenge again this year. Last year we had a blast sewing along together, and we both felt pretty accomplished after the year was up. I'd say that I finished the majority of projects to completion, with only 2 or 3 left on the slate which is pretty good for me!

So that's what I'm currently working on - March's UFO #3 which is my dresden plate quilt I started last year. I had intended to give this as a wedding present to my second cousin in July, but I had Olivia in June and quilting fell to the wayside for at least 2 months after that. We got into a grove (aka she NAPPED YAY!) and I got back on it but I ended up working on other projects instead, whoops.

When I pulled it out last week, I was surprised by how much I actually had done. It was a pattern out of my head using the EZ dresden ruler, and only supposed to be a lap size. So I went with 4 blocks per row, 5 rows, and sashing at 2.5 inches. Don't know if I'll do setting stones or not but leaning towards not doing them just because I just want to finished it up. Anywho, I had enough blocks done for 3 rows to be sewn together! And all the plates finished! So I just to applique the rest and stitch up the rows, ugh. I do still want to put a border around it but I need to buy some fabric for that. 

I used a straight stitch to applique the petals, and a thick blanket stitch for the centers. 

Only 2 more rows to go! It will just be a lap size but I do still want to add a small border around it... just so very torn about what to get. Grey? Teal? Patterned? Solid? Ugh. 

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