Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fishskin Mini Swap

A local quilt shop (well local-ish, they're out of the next town over) has recently hosted mini quilt swap online!

The deadline to mail out it is March 15, but I'm pretty well done except I need to handstitch the binding on. Actually, I finished a first one at the beginning of the month but that partner withdrew so I took on her partner instead. :) It's basically like secret Santa, so we have someone to make it for but that person has someone else. It's pretty fun! I may just do more of these, circumstances permitting!

Here's what I made my first partner:
Her likes were Cotton  + Steel fabrics, so I literally pulled all that I had in my stash - which was not as much as I would like (need to remedy that!) - and what with a Lori Holt pattern. I am actually a little glad that she withdrew because I decided to keep this beauty! :) 

And my progress for the new partner:
She said that she likes country fabrics and is starting to like civil war fabrics... It was a bit of challenge, but from snooping it seemed like she was okay with 30s prints, which was the closest I had in my stash. So I opened up a charm pack, and made this! More Lori Holt patterns from her Farm Girl Vintage book, and I freemotioned some parts of it. :) I like this one too, but I'm a little uncertain if she will... we will see. She's from Alberta and said "country" so I kept that in mind when picking the patterns! 

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