Monday, February 22, 2016

The Splendid Sampler: A journey to new techniques!

This year I've committed to yet another quit-along group, and it is the Splendid Sampler hosted by Pat Sloan & Jane Davidson!

It's 100 blocks in a year (2 per week), each with something a little new or challenging for the quilters. We're currently on block #3 by Melissa Corry, and I have to say it's been really fun so far! I've never participated a quit-along so huge - seriously, the facebook group was over 15,000 people in it! So my newsfeed has been bombarded with hundreds of quilt blocks daily but I love it. To be honest, before this, facebook was just a place to see info-graphics with zero fact-checking shared or "share this & get good fortune!" so the quilt change in pace is great. ;)

The blocks are only 6.5", so some are pretty tiny. Thanks to the farm girl vintage blocks I've been working on, I do have some practice with that, haha. I've never used starch or best press, so I think that might be something to try for the next block to make it even better! I'm going to commit to trying the new techniques and using new tools to help improve my piecing. There's always room to grow. :)

I went with my Glamping fat quarter bundle (which was 14) and supplemented with some stash and traded my mother-in-law for some more pinks/blues/yellows. I'm still about 10 short of the 30-35 that we should have, but I can at least get started on it with this amount and throw in some more as we go.

Anywho, on to the blocks I've done!
Block #1 Hearts A Flutter - this one called for needle-turn applique. I'll be honest, I didn't follow that because I had no clue what it was. So I found an easier variation through the sampler site that had the interfacing sewn on and turned inside out to fuse it together. I did the blanket stitch by hand and had to remind myself how to do that. It's been forever!

Block #2 Wings - Overall I like how it turned out but I was kind of mad at myself for accidentally reversing the row placements. It was just too small for me to unpick, so I left it and improvised with the embroidery on the butterflies. Instead of pointing in, they are flying in a circle. :)

Block #3 Lots of Love - Love this design! There's a mini quilt to match it so I may just have to try that out for the future swap partner, :) It didn't end up perfectly square, but oh well!

And all my blocks thus far with the cathedral window pincushion! I haven't tried cathedral windows yet so that was also a learning experience, Not too bad actually! I thought it would be way worse, haha. 

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