Sunday, February 28, 2016

Splendid Mondays

With the Splendid Sampler releasing two blocks a week, I figure a good way to update is just once so I can have the time to complete the weeks' blocks. :)

We are currently at #5 blocks done, and I've kept up so far! Hurray!

Block #4: Happy happy by Jen Kingswell
I tried a new method of applique for this... well new to me. The small circles were basically done like yo-yos then hand stitched on. I haven't trimmed the block down yet to the 6.5" square because I'm holding out until I get a 6.5" ruler. 

I used to embroider like crazy so the stems weren't a big thing for me. It was smaller width that I usually do (2 strand instead of 6) but it looks nice. Small and delicate. :) I fussy cut the vase to have the glamping phrase on the piece.

Block #5: Simple Simon by Celine Perkins 
I really liked this block. It was fast and still something different for me. I used starch for the first time, and it was great! The fabric gets stiffer and easier to work with, I may just have to do this every time I cut pieces! Time to invest in some Best Press. 
I fussy cut the ladies so they were included in the squares as much as possible. 

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