Monday, February 22, 2016

Pat Sloan's 2016 Mystery BOM

I love block of the month quilts! I did my first one in 2014 with my local group of quilters, and it was a blast! The group has done one a year since, but I wasn't sold on participating in last year's quilt.

This year I've decided to take on Pat Sloan's 2016 Secret Garden mystery BOM! I've done the first two blocks and love it so far! I went with teal yardage that I had leftover from my making a queen size flower girl quilt for a friend. It's pretty much going to be scrappy but with teal/turquoise as the main attraction. Gold/yellow is going to my secondary colour, and white will be the "background" fabric. The white will be the only one consistent with the fabric number from the pattern so we'll see how it goes. :) I thought about adding pink but it doesn't really work.

January's block: DC Botanical Gardens

February's block: Killarney National Park
I like how the colours pull from the center block nicely. It's like the fireflies are coming out of the jar. :) 

All together! 

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